"Alexander investigates big questions for a living and the finesse he shows here, in tandem with Rioux, allows the duo to ably sidestep expectations and deliver an album that fulfills the promise of its concept." – Pitchfork (Score: 7.2)

"Musically, it’s as rich and lush as a garden after a proper tropical downpour, with Alexander’s sax dancing through a cornucopia of beats and colorful tones..." – The FADER

"Expect the album to deliver mind-expanding screeds on dark matter, string theory, and quantum mechanics." – SPIN


     On August 4th, Trinidadian-American astrophysicist & saxophonist Stephon Alexander and Brooklyn electronic artist/producer Rioux are set to release their collaborative album 'Here Comes Now' on Rioux’s label imprint Connect.

     During his sabbatical from Dartmouth College, Stephon Alexander spent the summer of 2012 in Brooklyn, NY where he met Rioux for the first time at a local cafe. After an engaging conversation about the relationship between music and astrophysics, the two made music that same day at Rioux’s studio. The outcome was a psychedelic afro-caribbean dance track with a spoken-word account of the creation of the universe. The song and the album it would inspire explore space, time, our place in the cosmos, and the overlooked connection between modern music and science.

     Part Sun Ra, part Brian Eno, Here Comes Now employs an array of collaborators from No Wave/Bossa Nova legend Arto Lindsay, and art director Diego Cortez (Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat). The ornate, tailored productions by Rioux—a multi-instrumentalist—frame Alexander’s cerebral dub-reggae vocals and free bop saxophone performances. Through the album’s sonic narrative, Alexander and Rioux take us on a trip through the human experience and the greatest curiosities of the universe, while pushing the boundaries of contemporary music.